PADS Dogs Visit Urban Impact Video

On Monday, June 6, there was not one, but two puppies from the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) visit Urban Impact’s office! Woof!

Renee Nicolson, the President of the South Surrey Rotary Club arranged for the two puppies to visit:

River- a more advanced puppy with seven months of training. She was an incredible example of how much a puppy can learn in a very short time! She could open and shut doors, site, lie and roll over on command and heel all from hearing the right clicking sound.

Archer- this male pup had just 6 weeks of training and was a ROCKSTAR!

We were treated to a real time display of the really cool things that the puppies could do, depending on their level of training. For example, River could take a rope in her mouth and pull. By pulling on a rope, River could open a fridge for a person that needs assistance. The puppies are trained using a clicker, followed up by a verbal command and then a special treat to reward their good behaviour. What truly amazed us was how calm, focused and well behaved the puppies were in an unknown situation. Even at a very young age, they were obedient on first command! Our staff really enjoyed having dog bone shaped cookies from Moores! Woof!

Video created by: DS90 Media