Bordertown Vineyard & Estate Winery Videos

In August, and Septemeber this year, we had the privilege of shooting multiple videos for Bordertown Vineyards & Estate Winery. Located in Osoyoos BC, Bordertown offers it’s visitors spectacular views, great wine and wine tasting, and mostly a great overall experience. We filmed 3 videos for them over this time.

Bordertown Promo Video

Our first video we created was their promotional video for their website. A short video intended to provide it’s viewers a sense of Bordertown’s beautiful vineyards, and tasting room.


LG Award Day at Bordertown

The second video we produced, was an event video for their Lieutenant Governor’s Award day at the winery. Bordertown’s 2013 Living Desert Red Wine won the award, and it was presented by the Lieutenant Governor herself.


Bordertown’s Vineyard Tour

The third video DS90 Media produced was an informative Vineyard tour with Bordertown’s owner himself, Mr. Mohan Gill. We followed Mohan around his 40+ acre vineyard and learned about the process of growing the different types of grapes for the all the different types of wine that Bordertown produces.


Currently, DS90 Media still works with Bordertown in providing updates and new content within their marketing platform.

An overall fabulous experience!

We would like to thank Bordertown Vineyards & Estate Winery for inviting DS90 Media to it’s beautiful winery, and for the opportunity of producing videos.

It was a real pleasure to work with Mohan, and to film at his great winery. I can not wait to return to Bordertown on my next visit to Osoyoos, BC

-Daniel Seifried, DS90 Media Owner.